Today in this article we are going to review FastComet shared hosting and we will also see the coupon code to get huge discounts. So let’s begin!

A web hosting is a place where we store and run our website. So it is just like our computer in which we have CPU, RAM, storage. Just like that, a server has all these components. So to make our computer fast, we buy a good processor, RAM, and storage.

Same as that we get these resources from web hosting providers. So if we want our website to run faster then we will have to get the fastest processor, ram, and CPU.

Every web hosting provides different types of services and resources. So we have to choose the best hosting provider who can fulfill our website requirements.

Here we come to save you from the trauma of searching for the best and affordable web hosting. however, there are different types of hosting packages that a hosting provider offers.

So, the blogger has to decide which one will be the best package for the website. These packages vary in resources and prices. So it should be chosen carefully otherwise the blogger can end up paying more money or getting the wrong resources.

FastComet Shared Hosting

We are going to see the FastComet web hosting in this article and we will get details about the shared hosting plan.

Before jumping to the end, let’s first know about the basics of web hosting.

Every hosting provider offers different types of packages, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. cloud hosting is the most powerful and popular these days.

Every hosting plans have different resources and perks, also the price varies from lower to higher. So let’s break down these hosting packages for you.

Web Hosting Plans

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting plan. It is loaded with basic features like limited bandwidth, limited storage, processors. It is for hosting a basic website where not much traffic comes.

In shared hosting, your website will be live with other websites. That means a single server will be shared among different users. This is why the price of shared hosting is less as compared to other plans

As this hosting plan is only suitable for a basic website and if you have a website that gets thousands of hits every day then you have to upgrade the plan.

2. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the plan for advanced users who want to have a single server for their website. So that all the computation power and resources their website can utilize. It is a very expensive hosting plan and is not for beginners. However, you can buy it if you want to spend a good pile of money every month.

3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the most popular hosting service in today’s time. Every blogger is hosting their website on cloud servers. because it comes with good services and offers. In cloud hosting, you don’t have to pay for the resources you don’t use.

If you are not using the service then you will be not billed at the end of the month. That means you will have to pay for that much only for which your website has used. So it allows you to save some money.

Now, let’s get some knowledge about the FastComet and its shared hosting plan.


FastComet is a user-friendly web hosting for beginners as well as advanced users. They got all types of hosting plans you want. The price of these plans is very much affordable as compared to the market.

In every hosting plan, they provide free addons which are very helpful for beginners. They don’t charge you for things like domain transfer, site migration, and SSL certificate. All these services are completely free. However, you can grab the FastComet Coupon and apply it during the checkout while purchasing the shared hosting plan and you’ll be able to save up to 70% off the plan.

FastComet servers are extremely fast and provide smooth surfing. It is because they have built their servers with SSD drives. The SSD drives are more powerful and fast than HHD. So you can feel the difference between FastComet hosted website and another website.

FastComet believes in complete client satisfaction. So they do not want any commitments before using the services. after the purchase, if you cancel the plan within 45 days then you will get all your money back without any question.

So, you can test all the services and tools to know if they are working best for your website. Otherwise, you can simply walk away with your money.

FastComet Shared Hosting

FastComet has different plans but the Shared hosting plan is the best one for beginners. It has all the features and tools that a new website will ever need. So you can easily set up a basic website within few minutes.

FastComet Shared Hosting Pricing

The shared hosting has some limitations as we know. However, you can upgrade the plan whenever you will feel the need. So worries about the limitations. As your website will start to grow then you can upgrade the resources within 1 click.

FastComet Shared Hosting features

  • Free domain transfer
  • Free site migration
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • 15GB SSD drive
  • Cpanel and app installer
  • Daily resources

There are many more features that are included in the plan. You can go to their official website and see the features and price.

However, for many bloggers, even this price may seem expensive so to help them get the shared hosting plan. FastComet comes up with many discounts offers so that everyone can take advantage of the services.

You can also get a discount offer on any hosting plan. You just have to get the coupon code with the discount offers and use it at the time of checkout. So that the price can be discounted and you can host your website in less amount.

Remember to use a valid coupon code at the time of checkout. So that you don’t end up paying more and also choose the plan for a longer period. The longer period you choose the less amount you will have to pay.

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