If you are looking to get a 60% WPX Hosting Discount, then you are at the right place. Here you will find out how to save money with our special WPX Hosting Coupon.

Most people don’t have a huge budget for blogging expenses like website hosting, SSL certificates, domain names, etc. at the beginning so they always try to buy cheap services.

WPX Hosting Discount

However, cheap services are not good at start a professional blog. because the services are of low quality and don’t provide good results. You can easily get free web hosting in the market. people will feel good and go with it. because who doesn’t like to get free stuff. But there are many problems with free hosting and is not recommended for using with blogs.

Why Free Web Hosting Is Not Recommended?

In the beginning, you don’t have much experience or knowledge about web hosting, so you choose the free hosting. However, you don’t realize that saving money by sacrificing quality is never the right choice.

Free web hosting is never free. And there is a lot of limitation with the hosting features and services. Free hosting shows their ads on your blog. so it makes the blog look cheap and spammy.

For that reason, most of the people don’t trust the blog and stop visiting it. and the most common problem you will face is server down and slow page loads. So people will find it difficult to access your blog and feel bad when it becomes unavailable.

That is why free and cheap web hosting is not worth using. It is only best for testing and learning purposes. it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Now, let’s learn more about WPX hosting and its features.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is the most reliable and powerful web hosting in the market for many years. It has been providing great services at affordable prices. WPX comes with a lot of features to help the blogger work more efficiently.

The popularity of WPX hosting grew drastically in the past few months. They have been rated by both Trustpilot and G2 Crowd as the number one web hosting provider in the WordPress Hosting business.

WPX hosting is best for a blogger who owns many blogs. so they can effectively manage their blog at a single place. because WPX hosting allows hosting multiple blogs in a single hosting plan.

WPX Hosting Key Features

Below you’ll find what are the bedrocks of the WPX Hosting and all the features you must know before you purchase hosting from WPX Hosting.

Multiple Domain Hosting

As mentioned above, the WPX hosting plan comes with multiple domain hosting. so the user can host all their blogs in a single place. the number of the website increases with the hosting plans. in the basic hosting plan, 5 websites can be hosted and it increases with higher plans. So, you can choose the plan which best suits your needs.


WPX Hosting CDN

WPX hosting provides a CDN feature to increase data transfer speed globally. With the help of CDN, the blog can easily manage a ton of traffic daily without getting slow down. It is because the CDN distributed the traffic based on their location.

This makes the data transfer faster and reduces stress on the server. Large traffic an easily access the blog data without even overloading the server.

Unlimited Sites Migration

As mentioned earlier, you can host multiple websites on a single hosting plan. if you have existing websites then it will help you to migrate the websites to new servers totally for free. WPX hosting offers you unlimited free sites migration. So you don’t have to pay any fee for moving your blog to WPX hosting.

Unlimited SSL Certificate

For getting SEO boost and users’ trust in the website, an SSL certificate is used. There are a very complicated process and fee to install it on the blog. but WPX hosting provides free unlimited  SSL certificates for all your websites.

So, you can gain your user’s trust in the blog and also get some SEO boost at the start of the website.

WordPress Support

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the market because of its simplicity. So WPX Hosting provides great support to WordPress and offers 1-click WordPress install. The WPX hosting comes with all the components required for WordPress like PHP 7, MySQL, SSL, and powerful servers. So you can easily run a successful WordPress blog on WPX hosting servers.

Automatic Backups

Backups are very important to keep the system secure and working successfully. So you should create backups daily to keep the website secure for any issues. If any kind of problem will occur in the system then you can easily restore it.

However, WPX hosting offers an automatic backups feature, so you don’t have to manually do it daily. An automatic backup will be created daily and stored on a different server to keep it secure.

24/7 Support

If you come across any problem then you can easily contact the customer support. The customer support is available for all the countries and all supported languages. so you can comfortably connect with them and solve the problem.

The support team is available for 24 hours and 365 days. So there is no single day when you don’t have support available. To connect with them you can use live chat on the official website, emails, phone calls.

How To Get 60% WPX Hosting Discount?

We have seen all the important features of WPX hosting. Now we can get a 60% WPX Hosting Discount.

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The only thing you need to apply for the 60% WPX discount is to copy a wpx.net couponss . Once copied, you only need to enter it at the time of checkout in the Promotional Code box. The original price will be reduced with 60%.

There are many other WPX Hosting Promo Codes as well such as 60% off, 25% off and many more and you can use any of them to save a lot of money on your hosting plans.

The WPX hosting coupons are available on the official websites or you can get it from here.

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